Round trip of the Blomeslettene (22 km - path)

This is the trip for you who wants to go biking on medium challenging path, and fun tractor roads. About half the trip are paths and carriage roads in the area between Golsfjellet and Hemsedal. Here there are both technical challenges and fast downhills.

Since this is a round you can offcourse start wherever you want along the route.

We recomend you to start by Bleiktvedt (1 km North from Golsfjell FJellstue along the Golsfjell road). Bike through the cabin-areas and follow the new bike road pass Blekketjern and further on to Nøreli. Enjoy the view over Storevatnet to Skogshorn and further towards the mountain area Jotunheimen.

From Nøreli you follow a path past Nørelihøgdi , Elghøgdi and Svarahovda to BLomesletten. Follow the gravel path to Pålsvollen (mountain cabin) and carriage road further on towards Heggerusti. Here you have to cross a private area of a mountain cabin, so therefore show consideration and take it easy.

By the mountain cabin you go down between the first house and the second house. After a little bit you will get to the road towards Skrøyvestølane and from there you continue to Lauvsetstølen (mountain farm). By Lauvset you follow the "main road" to the left and continue past Lauvsjøen (lake) and back to the starting point at Bleiktvedt.

This is a fun trip for everyone who wants a bit more challenge than a regular gravel road.

Have a nice trip!

Sykling på Golsfjellet i Hallingdal, Norge Foto: Thorgeir Røer
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